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Form And Mass

This Has The Potential To Confront Natural Forces As Well As To Benefit From Mutual Shading And Scaling. As A Thumb Rule, Exposure Levels And Thereby Energy Demands Can Be Reduced In A Building By Upto 10 Per Cent By Optimising Volumes Of The Building In Areas Such As Passages, Verandas, Toilets, Alcoves And So On.

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Space Organisation

This Governs The Extrovertedness Or Introvertedness, Compactness Or Fragmentation, Along With Directionality And Exposure Value Of The Space. For Example, Traditional Buildings From Hot-Arid Regions Have Been Compact, Stacked And Attached In Their Form, And Are Interspersed With Multiple Yet Small-Scale Courtyards To Reduce Heat Gain. Contrastingly, Bungalows In The Hot-Humid Zones Have Been Extroverted With Veranda-Like Living Spaces In The Periphery To Increase Their Transparency To Breeze.

Elements Of Space-Making

This Forms The Essential Syntax Of Architecture And Thereby Its Interactivity With External Conditions. For Example, A Pavilion-Like Structure With Prominence Of An Inclined Roof Form Versus Lightness Often, Absence Of A Wall Is The Result Of Hot-Humid Climate. Conversely, Predominance Of Wall And Subjugation Of Roof Is The Grammar Of Architecture In A Hot-Arid Climate Zone.

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