Decorating Your Outdoor Space on a Budget

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Like the indoor décor, such as your kitchen’s marble countertops and your living room’s palette furniture, the décor of your outdoor space should reflect your personal style. Of course, many people have a budget. Still, there is no reason not to have a well-decorated outdoor space to welcome guests into your home.

DIY projects such as a string of lights using mason jars can be budget-friendly, weather resistant home décor. It illuminates curb appeal and enhances the exterior beauty of your home, while also reflecting your personal style. A colorful, vibrant garden is also an inexpensive way to create a beautiful addition to the outdoor space of your home.

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Modern touches are another way to decorate your front or back porch. These are typically simple, so they will not set your budget back much. Inexpensive numbers will place a modern look to your front doorway, placed upon a stained piece of wood. It should be easily readable from the street. Simple door wreaths are another great way to add color or style to a plain door.

For a raised deck in your backyard, lighting is important. Cheaper options such as string lights – even those you have lying about from Christmas –and DIY lamp projects are great ways to light your outdoor living space. Another great DIY idea for an outdoor space is a wine bottle tiki torch project, which will keep bugs away and make sure that you and your guests are comfortable.

Wood window boxes can dramatically increase curb appeal. It is easy to make a box of wood and plant flowers and herbs in it and creates a vibrant look for your home. Gardens, large and small, are a great way to show houseguests and passersby that you take pride in taking care of your house. Even a few bright flowers in painted clay pots add a whimsical and vibrant look to any front porch.

Fun doormats are another way to add a lively and even amusingaddition to your front porch. From silly remarks to adorable fruit, these mats are not typically expensive and can be highly personalized to your style and personality.

Creating a positive, welcoming outdoor space will greatly improve the look of your house. From DIY décor projects to metal house numbers and silly doormats at the front door, make sure that your outdoor space remains a lively extension of your warm and welcoming home.

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