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You took on a huge project in transforming this house. What inspired you?
MICHELLE DONNELLY: Luckily for us, we were very naive and had never done anything like this before! Our friends thought we were crazy, but for us it was about creativity and potential.
H&H: Is it fair to say this house has a bit of a split personality? It feels rustic in the backyard and demure in the front yard.
MD: I’d always loved the all-white simplicity of the farmhouse in Beetlejuice ” it looked like something a child would draw. The brick was in good condition, but it was ugly. Since we were on a budget, we whited everything out and put up the tin roof. That gave us a blank slate to do what we wanted inside and out back without having to relate to froufrou Victorian elements.
H&H: We wondered if the split was a clever compromise between two creative directors?
MD: When Mark and I met, we actually discovered we had similar taste ” we even had the same breed of dog! From working in design and advertising, we can visualize easily. The interiors are not overly planned. We like mixing high and low; we pair vintage furniture with design classics. When you mix eras, you avoid getting caught up in trends.
Homeowners Mark Puchala and Michelle Donnelly, with their son, Jack, and dog, Roscoe. Sofa, Kiosk; drapery fabric, Designer Fabrics; wall colour, Baby’s Breath (OC-62), Benjamin Moore.

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