Decorating Rooms Ideas

Decorating Rooms Ideas

Getting a White Effect

It should be noted, however, that, as not even the palest varnish made is quite water white, the effect of varnishing will be to turn the ceiling and frieze to a very pale ivory cream. This would look quite well, but it may be preferred that this part should be pure white. In that case, the ceiling and frieze should have one coat of white-lead paint according to Formula 2, then one coat of special enamel undercoating, consisting of three parts of paint mixed according to Formula 6 on post 64.. with one part of the finishing white enamel added and, lastly, a finishing coat of white enamel. When, but not until, the enamel is thoroughly hard, the stencilling can be done upon it? and this part of the work is then complete.

It will be seen that in this case the stencilling will not be protected by varnish. Therefore the colours used should contain rather more gold size and rather less turpentine in their composition, so as to ensure better resistance to the effect of steam and moisture.

A Scheme in Wallpaper

A third scheme for a bathroom would be where the ceiling and walls are covered with paper patterns. The ceiling might carry a paper with an indeterminate sort of cloud effect, and the wall design might consist of waving horizontal lines. The following precautions are important in the case of a bathroom.

All the preparatory processes should be carried out with special care and thoroughness, so that the surfaces may be rendered perfectly smooth. The pasting of the paper should also receive special attention, so that a complete adhesion of every part of the paper may be secured and it should also be noted that it will be necessary to varnish all papers used in a bathroom.

For that reason, the papers chosen will need to be of the “ sanitary ’ ’ type, which means that they are printed in oil colours. Other classes of papers, which are printed with water colours, cannot be varnished.

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