Decorating Small Living Room Ideas

Decorating Small Living Room Ideas

Mixing the Colours

All the colours are obtained by first mixing white-lead paste with turpentine (no oil) and a little Japan gold size to act as a drier and binder, and then staining small quantities of this white with the necessary staining colours to get the required shades.

For the

Light grey, use a mere trace of blue and black.

Dark grey, use black and a trace of blue.

Creams, use raw sienna.

Greens, use middle Brunswick green.

Crimsons, use fast red.

Blue, use celestial or Prussian blue.

Dark blue-grey, use equal quantities of blue and black.

The black dividing line is done with ready bound drop black, used alone.

When the whole of the decorative work has been done and is dry and hard, the work should be very lightly sandpapered with the finest grade of paper and dusted down. It is then ready for varnishing as previously described.

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