Decorating Small Living Rooms Apartments

Decorating Small Living Rooms Apartments

Fabric Techniques Covering a Chest

Transform the plainest of chests into a seat, using padding and a fabric covering. Before you begin, remove the lid from its hinges.

To pad the lid, use upholstery wadding, building up layers to make a soft seat. Cut rectangles of padding, allowing 6 mm (1/4 in) extra all round on the top layers for a firmly-padded look. The sides can either be simply covered with fabric, or have a layer of wadding too – cut rectangles to size. Or you could paint the sides, echoing the pattern and the colours of the fabric on the lid.

Cut a rectangle of fabric that will fit over the lid, allowing enough overlap for it to be tacked to the inside of the lid. Cut rectangles offabric for each side, allowing extra so that the fabric will overlap the corners and the top and bottom of the chest.

Fix any wadding in position on the sides of the chest with latex adhesive, then fold the fabric down over the card, so that the tacks are hidden. Tack the other end of the fabric on to the bottom of the chest, folding under the edges of the fabric first.

Stick layers of wadding to the lid with latex adhesive, building up a domed look by putting slightly smaller rectangles of wadding beneath the main rectangles.

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