Decorating Small Living Rooms Ideas

Decorating Small Living Rooms Ideas

To cut a stopped housing use a router or wide diameter drill bit supported by a drill stand. The remaining waste can be accurately removed with a firmer chisel.

For the back panel, try to use old, wide tongue-and-groove or lapped boards. If an even number will not fit across the width of the unit, cut equal amounts from the two boards at each end. Screw the boards to the back of the shelves, checking that the shelves and the side boards remain square on.

The back boards will need a horizontal support along the bottom: this will also neaten the appearance of the unit. Cut a length of 75 x 25 mm (3×1 in) and plane a bevel along the top front edge. Place it in position against the back panel and drive nails through the side boards into the end grain. Finally, screw the boards to this support from behind.

If the unit has to take a lot of weigh t, attach a couple of brass mirror plates to span the join between the back of the top and bottom units a rv Add horizontal lengths of dowel 1U to keep precious plates in position. Using a spade bit, drill a hole in aflat, square section of wood, to the diameter of the dowel. Insert the dowel in each support and secure it in the shelf using panel pins. Then pin a section of small-gauge quadrant beading along the shelves at the point where the plates sit.

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