Decorating The Living Room Ideas Pictures

Decorating The Living Room Ideas Pictures

From Chest of Drawers to Dresser

It is relatively simple to transform a chest of drawers into a kitchen dresser – shelves are added above and the whole unit is decorated to look like an integrated piece of furniture. If the chest of drawers is particularly fine wood – such as mahogany – then ideally the shelf section should be made in hardwood to match.

Dimensions and proportions need to be carefully calculated to achieve a balance between the top and bottom units. A recommended minimum timber depth is 22.5 mm (7/8 in); allow up to 30 mm (l’/8 in) if you need a more weighty look. Remember also to research the distances between shelves – it is easy to misjudge the ratio between them.

A dresser can become top heavy with china, so to achieve stability the base of the shelf unit should be housed in the top surface of the chest of drawers. If you are loathe to cut into the surface of the chest, consider fixing the shelf unit to the wall with mirror plates. To add strength to the shelves, secure them to the side boards of the unit in stopped housings these will also disguise the ends of the shelves.

If you want to stain the top unit to give it a more natural and even appearance, do so before assembling – it is difficult to rub stain into tight corners. If the back panel is to be made from new tongue-and-groove boards, remember that shrinkage will expose the tongues, so paint or stain these surfaces as well, before fixing them together.

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