Decorating Tips For Living Rooms

Decorating Tips For Living Rooms

For the sides of the shelf unit, cut two identical boards – to a length that you decide will be adequate to accommodate three shelves. At the base of each side cut out a rebate along the inner (shelf) face. This rebate should be about l/2 the total thickness of the board. It should have a

At the top of the side boards, cut an angled notch that will later house the top of the shelf unit depth of about 9-12 mm (1/2 in); this depth will match the stopped housing that is later cut out of the top of the chest of drawers (in step 7 – cut these housings only after the shelf unit is assembled: their position is related to the length of the shelf unit and needs to be very accurate).

On each side board also mark the positions of the 6 mm deep stopped housings for the shelves. The housings are set back 12 mm (2 in) from the front face of the board and at the rear by the depth of the back panel. Cut the housings with a router or spade bit and chisel.

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