Decorating Tips For Small Living Room

Decorating Tips For Small Living Room


When thoroughly dry and hard, the whole of the work should be very lightly sandpapered with the finest grade of sandpaper so as to remove any small nibs of grit, and then be carefully dusted down. It is a good plan to wash the floor at this stage, and then suspend operations for a few hours. The reason for this is that, if there is any moisture present while varnish is being applied, a very troublesome defect, known as “blooming ”, may be caused.

We are now ready for the final varnishing. The colours of the paint being pale, either an extra pale decorative or white oil varnish should be used, in accordance with the instructions given in Chapter Eight.

Another Scheme

Another scheme might be carried out in paint and enamel as illustrated by means of stencilling, the process would be as follows:

First give a coat of white-lead paint, mixed according to Formula 2 on post 63, over the whole of the surfaces under treatment. This will be white for the ceiling and frieze, and pale cream for the rest of the walls, the cream being obtained by adding a small quantity of raw sienna in oil to the formula given.

When this coat is dry and hard, and has been lightly sandpapered and dusted, another coat of paint is applied in the final colours. The following are suggested : for the ceiling and frieze, pure white; for the panels of the walls, a pale cream as described above; and for the stiles (the parts surrounding the panels) a rather deeper shade of cream.

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