Decorating Your Living Room Ideas

Decorating Your Living Room Ideas

Nail the bottom shelf to the base. Divide the distance between the bottom shelf and the underside of the decorative skirting to determine the position of the middle shelf. Cut three 50 x 50 mm (2×2 in) cross braces to support the middle shelf and cut out a shallow pattern to echo that beneath the bottom shelf. Fix in position by nailing through the legs (make pilot holes first). Screw the boards to the cross braces from the underside.

For the top surface use blockboard at least 25 mm (1 in) deep. From the front edge only cut out housings equal to the depth of the front legs. Check the surface is level all round, then screw all the legs to the blockboard.

Cut out a decorative fascia for the front and sides to hide the joint between the tiles, top surface and legs. Draw out the pattern to be cut away – use a jig saw to remove the accessible areas of waste and a coping saw for the difficult areas. The corners should be mitred at 45°.

The fascia is positioned so the top edge stands proud of the blockboard surface by the equivalent of a tile’s depth. Glue and nail the skirting in position.

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