Decoration For Living Rooms

Decoration For Living Rooms

Panel for hangings.

This frame design is ideal for delicate embroidered hangings. Its construction is very similar to that of a large picture frame, using deeply-rebated moulding with a gently curved face.

1 Decide on the height and width of the screen and make up the frame. Slot in a gilded wood fillet, the hanging supported on a sheet of hardboard (if it is a delicate embroidery, attach it with Velcro as described on page 180), and protect the hanging with a sheet of perspex if necessary.

2 Position horizontal cross-braces made out of 75 x 25 mm (3×1 in) at one-third intervals to strengthen the screen. Fix the cross braces with brass screws, counter-sunk into the sides of the frame.

3 Finally, to keep the edges of the panel flat, insert lengths of square section beading between the cross-braces.

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Fix in place with panel pins.

Hardboard panel.

Use 50 x 25 mm (2×1 in) softwood to make a frame with two verticals and four horizontals. Fix the top and bottom corners with corner lap joints; space the remaining horizontals at one-third intervals and fix in through-housings.

Glue and screw all the joints together. To fix the curved top section, drill through half the depth of the horizontal brace below. Run a pilot hole through the remaining section and up into the curved top. Glue before screwing together.

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