Decoration Ideas For House

Decoration Ideas For House

A Graduated Effect

This process will result in a very delightful broken colour effect being produced, and, owing to the graduation in the colour of the bands of ground colour, the whole scheme is of a rather dark base, gradually merging into a pale upper part.

It may well be worth while to experiment on a board or other unimportant surface before actually beginning on the bathroom, so as to arrive, not only at a correct method of working, but also to ascertain the degree of thinning of the paint that is most convenient for easy working.

It should be noted that, as the final process is in the palest colour and this will partially obscure the ground colour, the ground shades should be rather deeper than the final colour effect desired. On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that all colours look darker in the mass than in a small sample and, therefore, care should be taken not to get the ground colours too heavy.

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