Decoration Ideas For Small Living Room

Decoration Ideas For Small Living Room

Painting the Walls

Let us assume that we have decided upon a scheme carried out in variegated bands of paint. The next thing to do is to give the whole of the ceiling and walls a coat of white-lead paint mixed according to Formula No. 2 on post 63, but tinted to a pale green by the addition of a small quantity of light Brunswick green.

This being hard and dry, the lower parts of the walls are next set out by means of chalk lines in horizontal bands. Strike one line 12 inches, the second at 28 inches and a third at 50 inches above the skirting board.

The Final Ground Coat

The next and final ground coat of paint is mixed according to Formula 2, and the ceiling and walls, down to the highest chalk line, are painted with this, in the same pale green shade as the previous coat.

When this is done, a little more of the light Brunswick green staining colour is added, so as slightly to deepen the tone, and the space between the second and third lines is painted with this.

Now add a little more of the green, again slightly darkening the tone, and paint the space between the first and second lines. Finally, after making the colour still a little darker, paint the space between the lowest chalk line and the skirting.

What we have now got is the ceiling and about half the walls in one colour, with gradually deepening shades of colour in the three bands on the lower part of the walls.

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