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A family of five wakes up to a modern minimalist home that screams white on all corners.

Stark white walls coupled with glass doors and windows spell modern minimalist in the two-level residence of Chito Serra, father of threeand owner of SofiaAdvertising Corporation. Light-coloredfurniture pieces, except for Kenneth Cobonpue’s red Yoda easychair,staywithin the house’s designaesthetic.

To make the space look more expansive, the couple opted for an eight-seater glass top dining table paired with wooden chairs in neutral fabric. The pendant light, which was sourced from Triboa Bay Living, is both a complement and a contrast.

“I chose organic lighting fixtures just to give the spaces a little more warmth,❠says interior designer Jennie De Dios.

It has become a habit for businessman Chito Serra to transfer houses every two years or so. From a dwelling that speaks of Asian style, his family’s present home has shifted to a modern minimalist aesthetic. It was somehow a spontaneous decision, with Chito opting for clean and sleek interior this time around.

While all-white interiors have the tendency to give off a cold ambiance, the Serra family’s two-level, solar-powered home proves to be an exception. The couple turned to architect Cecil Filart and interior designer Jennie de Dios, putting utmost trust that both experts would be able to carry out their vision. âœTheir concept was very simple: they just wanted everything to be white,❠explains Jennie. Glass doors and windows seamlessly connect each space to the outdoors, with the open-plan layout making the total floor area seem more expansive. Light-colored furniture pieces, majority of which were designed under Jennie’s furniture store, Casa de Dios, add to the airy ambiance, and present an ingenious mix of materials and textures.

The kitchen is as basic as it can get: all-white and with just the right amount of storage provisions. “I suggested that we add taupe accents, but the couple was certain that they only wanted white,❠shares Jennie.

Injecting bursts of color to the dwelling are a handful of artworks and sculptures by prominent Filipino artists like Dominic Rubio, Juvenal Sanso, Michael Cacnio, and Abdulmari Imao. Others were commissioned, while the rest were bought depending on what spoke to the heart. It is quite surprising to know that Chito only started collecting a few months back, and now there is almost no remaining space on the walls and even on top of console tables.

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