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Vintage pieces that crossed borders find a home in this family’s modern English dwelling

The family purchased their furniture pieces from the US, except for this pair of Kenneth Cobonpue’s Tilt armchairs. “These are the very first pieces that I got because I still didn’t know then that I was going for a vintage look, says the lady of the house.

You design according to your lifestyle. While such may be the most valuable lesson that this homemaker and businesswoman has acquired after having built two homes, the present dwelling of her six-member family proves to be a story on finding the right balance.

A modern structure coupled with French vintage interiors might seem like a stark contrast, but this well-played combination neither makes the house feel too cold nor too old. Glass doors and windows enclosing the house in all four corners allow for ample illumination, but the abundance of wooden elements gives the same level of comfort even as the day comes to a close. Furniture pieces shipped straight from the United States blend harmoniously with a certain few sourced locallyand even with those carried over from the family’s previous residence or brought home from travels across the globe.

I’m very picky with furniture, but it doesn’t mean that they have to be very expensive, says the lady of the house.

The homeowner had a hard time looking for old English pieces in the country, but fortunately, she scored this Chesterfield sofa during one of her trips to the States. “There is nice leather, but it’s not the English leather that I like, she says. “They had this shipped from Germany to the US, and look how old it is This is really the texture

“I started with the space, says the owner, who designed the 12-seater glass table in the family’s formal dining area. “It’s measured appropriately to the room because I specifically wanted two chairs per kabisera

Aside from aiding in an airy atmosphere, the glass top dining table with a shiny metal base also showcases the Persian carpet that the lady of the house had shipped from abroad. It is paired with studded armchairs that she likewise purchased from a furniture shop in the States.

I don’t believe in spending so much, but I believe in quality and timeless designs. She started furniture shopping about a year before the actual construction of their house, going on trips to the US every so often. During that same time, modern design style was at its peak in the Philippines, so the mom of four quite had a hard time looking for pieces that fit into her old English preference. I thought why not combine a modern structure with vintage furniture? I like the old look, particularly classic designs that also reflect on the clothes I wear, she says.

In more ways than one, the family’s two-level residence managed to answer the needs of each member instead of falling into the trap of trends and stereotypes. It helped that the couple owned MC Geometric Proportions, Inc., a construction company that does horizontal and vertical infrastructures, as well as high-rise and mid-rise buildings. Because they also venture into interior design, the wife worked hand-in-hand with an architect and selected the furnishings herself, while her husband took over all decisions concerning the house’s exteriors. Contrary to their first home, which had a more expansive garden and a bigger pool, their house of five years now is anchored on practicality and takes into consideration the growth of their children. You can never have a perfect home, says the lady of the house, because your lifestyle changes every year, especially when you have kids.


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