Decoration Living Room Modern

Decoration Living Room Modern

Old Painted Walls

If the surfaces have been painted, the preparation required is first to wet them with water and rub them down with a piece of faced pumice stone. The purpose of this is threefold: first, to remove any dirt or grease; second, to smooth the surface; and, third, to remove the gloss from the old paint, and thus provide a key for the new paint. The water used in this rubbing down should contain a small quantity of common washing soda, say, 2 oz. to a bucket of water. When the rubbing down is completed, the surface must be well swilled down with clean water to remove all sludge or grit and to leave it quite clean.

When the necessary preparation, as described above, including the making good of all plaster defects, has been done and the surface is thoroughly dry, painting can proceed.

The Priming Coat

In all cases, except where the walls are already painted, a priming coat will be required.

This may well be white in colour and made up according to Formula No. 8 on post 64.

This should be applied to the whole of the surfaces to be treated, using as large a brush as is available.

At least one, and preferably two days should be allowed for this priming thoroughly to dry and harden.

The whole surface should then be sandpapered with a fine-grade paper and dusted down. It should also be examined for any fine cracks or inequalities still apparent, and these should be faced up with a suitable putty applied, pressed home and smoothed off with a painter’s knife.

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