Decoration Living Room Pictures

Decoration Living Room Pictures

Preparing the Surfaces

First we must prepare the surfaces, and the method of preparation will, of course, depend upon their present condition.

If they are already bare plaster, the only preparation required will be the filling up of any cracks or defects, and then a thorough sandpapering with a piece of medium-grade sandpaper, folded round a wooden block.

If, however, the ceiling or walls have previously been coated with ordinary size distemper, this must be thoroughly removed by the process described on post 94.

In the event of the walls having been previously papered, all the old paper should be completely removed by first thoroughly soaking with water and then removing the softened paper by means of a painter’s scraper.

If the surfaces have previously been coated with a washable distemper or water paint and this is fast, all that will be required will be a wash down with warm water containing a mere trace of common washing soda, to remove the surface dirt.

If, however, the old water paint is loose or flaking, a more thorough washing and scrubbing is called for, and this will be assisted by the addition of a quantity, say 1 pint to the gallon, of common vinegar (acetic acid) to the water.

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