Decoration for small apartments

The company boasts the most sophisticated CAD equipment in the industry, which allows the designers to see exactly how the finished wallcovering or fabric will look at the touch of a button.This certainly speeds up the design process and according to Gillian allows them to respond very quickly to trends. That’s another area which Gillian has spearheaded at Crown. Decoration for small apartments Within the last three years the studio has created a series of fashion ranges which have shown the company to be at the forefront of design for the mass market. She finds it extremely satisfying to know that Crown is a major influence in today’s market place and a company that other designers Dalama,one of the new bedlinen collections from Crown Wallcoverings & Home Fumishings.The original design was painted using a crackle glaze, which has interpreted well on to cloth.A co-ordinated border and lamp are available.

Decoration for small apartments Photo Gallery

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