Decorative Wall Wallpaper Ideas

Decorative Wall Wallpaper Ideas
Hanging the first lengths
1 Fold over the bottom end of the paper, pasted sides together.
5 Form a crease. Peel the top of the paper away from the wall and trim it before smoothing it back on.
A Few things look fresher than stripes: their uniform crispness lends them to most rooms in the house. Blue and white are perfect for this nautical-look bedroom, where they combine with a co-ordinating border and fresh paintwork to create a look that is pulled together but calm and unfussy the joining edges using a seam roller. If the seams of paper are pulling away from each other or the wall, the paste has not been spread to the edge of the roll. Lift the edge slightly with a knife and apply a little paste to the edge with an artist’s brush. Press smooth again with a seam roller.
If you are using ready-pasted paper, it is advisable to run a small artist’s brush loaded with some vinyl glue along the seams of paper as a matter of course. Smooth it into place to create a strong, clean join. And after hanging four full strips, go back over the seams with a seam roller. Check the surface for any paste and remove with a damp sponge. It is always easier to remove adhesive immediately than after it has dried.
2 For long lengths, loop the paper backwards and forwards into a concertina shape.
3 Place the top of the paper at the top of the wall, leaving your 5cm (2in) allowance to run up to the ceiling.
4 Smooth the paper with a wide brush, working from the centre outwards.
6 Carefully trim the edge of the paper with scissors to ensure a dean finish.
7 Carefully wipe away any excess paste with a clean sponge before it dries.
8 Press down the joining edges of the wallpaper using a seam roller.

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