Harlequins had a wide variety on sale, including lovely items made by Len White, who is now unable to attend the shows. They also had a Tudor room box and furniture by Tom Burchmore. Chatting to CJ Miniatures, they believe that 48 th scale is becoming more and more popular, and this is the second show in a row that this has been mentioned to me. I would love to know what you think about that.

Once again, this show was busy, with people leaving with bags full of stuff. I am glad to see so many people attending as the exhibitors and organisers at these shows really do go to an awful lot of trouble to bring us their lovely creations. Let’s all continue to support them, wherever the event might be.

To see a full listing of Wendy’s shows go to The greatest mini gift of all When Patty Ross couldn’t afford to buy gifts or give to charity, she used her set of miniatures to bring joy to those in need I was living in Malibu, California, in tlie midst of all die movie stars (diey are mosdy tiny people too!). I had been making films and producing shows, being a guest speaker on TV and radio, which all cost money and depleted my savings. I wanted to teach people how to take control of dieir lives and have anydiing diey desire in life. Well, I ran out of money. I had thought diat my income would be rolling in much more quickly dian it did. I was broken-hearted because it was Christmas and I couldn’t afford to buy presents or help out charities as I was used to doing. I sat by die ocean and, widi tear-filled eyes, asked God for help. I said I wanted to help; how could I be of service to odiers now?

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