Design Ideas Barcelona Beach Chair

Design Ideas Barcelona Beach Chair

Log Cabin Is a Traditional Pattern

A log cabin pattern is made up of graduated sizes of rectangular strips of fabric built around a center square (the chimney). It is one of the few quilt patterns that looks good even if it isn’t quilted. Try to imagine a log cabin quilt made from red, white, and lots of calico prints. The overall pattern is quite busy and very cozy looking. Now visualize the same pattern made from beige, eggshell, cream, buff, linen, winter white. Each fabric might have a different texture with one nubby, another percale, a damask, perhaps a muslin. Suddenly the country log cabin quilt becomes cool and contemporary. The same traditional pattern looks entirely different. There are literally hundreds of other ways to combine fabric to create a look for your taste using the same traditional pattern.

How to Do It

After you’ve chosen a pattern you like, get some grid paper and colored pencils. Draw the outline of the quilt and the pattern on it. Make copies of this so you can play around with different color combinations that work for you. Once you’ve designed your quilt you can buy the fabrics to create it. But be forewarned! Fabric shops can be downright addictive. I always get carried away and now have overflowing baskets of fabric for well-intentioned projects I plan to do someday. A trip to a fabric shop on a rainy day will give you an instant lift. It’s like visiting a spring garden in full bloom.

Design Options

Another way to design your quilt is with scraps of cut-up fabric. Cut them to the size of the pieces on your paper pattern and glue them in place. You’ll get a miniature view of what the full quilt will look like. You might also check with your local fabric shop or community activities listing to find out about quilting classes.

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