Design Ideas For Foot Ceilings

Design Ideas For Foot Ceilings

Around the Fireplace
If you have a fireplace, move all the furniture closer to this area of the room. If your sofa is against the wall, pull it away, or place it next to the fireplace. If your coffee table is large, exchange it with a small occasional table in front of the fireplace so the sofa can fit closer. Even if the table is higher than your coffee table it will work.
Making Arrangements
Cover an occasional table with a quilt that goes right to the floor. Then make an arrangement of “comfort” things on top.
This might include a grouping of framed photographs, a lamp, a pile of posts, and a small potted plant. Controlled clutter makes a room warm and cozy, especially during the winter.
Tablecovers Made Easy
If you don’t have a quilt for a table, you might like to know you can buy prequilted fabric to make one. This is a good weekend project. To make a round tablecover, measure from the center of the table to the floor. Double this amount and add four inches. This is both the length and width of the fabric you’ll need to buy. Since fabric usually comes forty-five inches wide, you’ll probably need two or three lengths to stitch together. Next, find the center of the fabric and mark with a pin. Cut a length of string from that point to the outer edge of the fabric and attach a pencil to the end. Hold the pencil perpendicular and draw a circle around the outer edge of the fabric. Cut out and hem. Finish the edge with double-fold hem binding, or turn the edges under and stitch around.

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