Matching mini fireplace stitching

These sweet little mahogany pole screens and metal firescreen designs have been designed by Janet Granger for those of you who love stitching on 32 count silk gauze. Suitable for beginners as well as those with some stitching experience, these kits contain all the stitching materials and detailed instructions you need, as well as the relevant components to make the pole screens and firescreens, too.

The pole screen kits are £19.95, and the firescreen kits £20.95 each. P&P is £1.75 per order if placed by post (cheques to Janet Granger); p&p is free online from www. if your order is over £45, otherwise it is £1.75 UK / £3.95 overseas.

Contact: Janet Granger Designs, Rose Cottage, Leek Road, Waterhouses, Staffordshire ST10 3JS. Tel: 01538 308860. Email:

Doll’s house donated for JDRF research

How one talented couple built and furnished this wonderful doll’s house to raise funds for a worthwhile charity Doll’s houses often portray beautiful aspects of our world on a smaller scale. Just as detailed and realistic as life-size houses, they contain rooms that are filled with furniture and families, pets and precious possessions.

While doll’s houses show these elements of life, they cannot always portray tlie more serious issues we encounter in tlie world, such as illness. They can, however, help to solve diese serious issues in our real world.

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The fisherman talks about freeing the old ghost . The lighthouse has

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