Design Ikea Living Room

Design Ikea Living Room
So uh you know we went with it anyway Peter back to you thanks guy alright everybody time for our first games. So this game is gonna be we were playing is called a game of tag Bailey you’re ready alright. So on your team you’re the yellow team is your dad Chris Bailey and, Sam and, on the blue team are you ready yeah alright Jacob who’s gonna win all right before we begin though before we begin let me share with our Facebook viewers that they can vote on the winning team by sending into the comments a hash tag of how they want the winning team to celebrate. So either a hash tag of victory dance hashtag slo-mo high-five or hashtag robot dancing. So when we win we’re doing whatever they tell us that’s correct all right.

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So here’s how the game works you ready. So the yellow team and, the blue team you have for price tags on the table there and, since it’s called a game of tag. So your dad Chris is gonna start and, start on this side you’re gonna go pick up price tag when I say go yeah and, then you come back and, tag the next player on your team okay and, then you the next member goes out takes a tag puts it on there and, then it continues on until all four tags are already gone all right then back and, then you’re gonna see how you did all right are you ready yes okay good job well Chris well with bailing on our team how could we go wrong right she knew all the prices she did she was out there. So how about you Jessica yeah let’s start over here all right I think Chris you pick this one yep all right. So we have here china cabinet all right this is our Hemnes cabinet right.

So what were you thinking about when you place this price tag I was just thinking it seems like a two er to me yeah well actually is a great price for our our winged arms yeah the strong mom yeah you say it yeah that is a really good price for this doctor strong mom chair and, great holiday tip is to have a nice sturdy wingback chair for your guests oh yeah when they’re in your house right oh yeah okay. So I think Jessica you ran over here yes and, you place this nice price tag here of. yeah yes let’s see feels a little low for a lamp. So I don’t know yeah well it actually was for our sheepskin rug we have and, we also have one in the basket up here above sheepskin rugs are nice touches the holidays and, they actually shape step no they’re not actually but they’re nice and, furry and, keep you warm and, they’re decorative right what do you think about that Wow alright. I’m gonna scoot around you guys here okay alright the blue team put a price tag. here on the basket basket. So I think maybe they got a little bit confused. Because actually this was the price for the reading light that’s behind you Sam alright they keep not getting that lamp actually is a great option in your house. Because it actually has an adjustable arm. So you can actually direct light wherever you need to yeah like this alright. I’m just gonna place all right. So yellow team you placed this price tags dollars on the. So Balian what’s great about these Ottomans what not only can you use them to place your feet or sitting on the sofa but when you’re entertaining you actually can move them around the table and, have them as auxilary seating for other guests that’s really cool all right I think and, I already knew this one. Because she was quick to place this right under this oh that’s a good guess we might be in trouble. So good job in the rotarran lamps are great I’m. So cute great for the holidays and, very decorative IKEA also has different color tea lights.

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