Design Interior Ideas

Design Interior Ideas

Where baseboard and wall meet

This is always a difficult area, since the baseboard may come away from the wall at any time and it always looks unsightly when there is a gap between the baseboard and the wall. If you are sure that the baseboard is sufficiently fixed to the wall, then you need to use your paint scraper or spackle knife to apply filler between the baseboard and the wall. If you use a dampened cloth what you can do after you have filled the entire strip is run your finger along the top of the filling protected by the cloth, to take off any excess filler and to give you a perfectly smooth finish ready for rubbing down and painting, once it is dry.

The preparation of your surfaces cannot be over emphasized in importance. This gives you a chance to look at the structure of your home and to notice if there are reasons why areas are cracking or whether there are stains appearing on the surface of a ceiling. The reasons may be simple to rectify and may even have been rectified in the past. For example, a leaky seal around a shower or bathtub in the room above may just have meant that water was leaking onto the ceiling.

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