Design Trends of 2018

So it’s a new year which means new trends. So I’m going to break down a few of them for you and give you some simple and inexpensive ways you can incorporate them into your home including a few DIYs. So trend number one we’re going to talk about is pastels which I love yes pastels are back and the great thing about it is they work awesome with all the gray we’ve been incorporating into our homes all those great couches gray rugs great chairs I think one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to incorporate this trend is through small things like pauses places like IKEA sells small little lawes’s for six dollars in the pastel trend that looked great. So trend number two is kind of opposite to our first one of the pastels it’s actually jewel tones and love these it looks gorgeous they’re rich textured and character actually the biggest trend for it is to have it on your large pieces of furniture like say a dark green jewel tone couch.

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So don’t worry I’m not saying go out and buy a new green couch that isn’t what I would suggest what I do suggest for this trend and I love and want to do personally is out of pillows all the major retailers are carrying these beautiful jewel tone pillows right now in kind of a thin velvet that I think we’re just gorgeous shred number three is matte black now we’ve been seeing this one for a few years now and it’s. So on trend it’s actually coming in with your fixtures like faucets and door handles and things are coming in matte black and I love it my tip for this one what I’d suggest is take some of your old bosses or just things that sculptural things you have around the house that you don’t mind changing up get yourself a matte black spray paint take it outside spray paint it and have some trendy pieces that way it’s a super inexpensive DIY way to do it trend number four.

This is my personal favorite it’s a statement lighting now what a statement lighting means statement lighting is when you walk into a place you immediately notice a light fixture usually I say that something probably above your kitchen table or dining table but it also can be an amazing floor lamp it can be great side lamps lighting is such a key and actually an area I do say if you love something it’s an area I say to splurge that being said you can get some great statement lighting on budget right now and I’ve also found a really cool DIY of a knock off high end statement lighting that I’ve included in my freebie I’ll talk about at the end post and my last tip for trends and I wouldn’t even call this a trend because I think these are things that will always be in style when it comes to decor but it’s texture.

So think of the sheep Gynt sheep skins love those bring them out throw it over your couch in your chairs lots of wood. So it can be in your coffee tables or side tables or just simple things like bringing a wood bowl on to a table like this adds that texture. So think knits thanks Poe poof’s pink sheep skins think blankets and this is an easy way to add that trend into your decor. So my goal in sharing these trends is definitely not to make you a trend seeker’ but just to be aware of them and it’s fun and it’s creative just to add a few of these things in simple and inexpensive ways into your home I also created something super special for you guys I created a freebie in the link below of these trends and some of my favorite items within these trends that you get at great value and I think that are on style on point and will last even beyond the trend.

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