Designer Living Room Decorating Ideas

Designer Living Room Decorating Ideas

Candles and Candleholders

Light your next dinner party with handblown glass lanterns and hurricane lamps holding pure white beeswax candles. No need to break the bank. Get the look of the real European candleholders from Crate & Barrel. The imported copies of these accessories are absolute winners and can only get better over the years.

Paper Lanterns

No item has prevailed longer than the ever popular Noguchi paper globe. With copies in all sizes and shapes, these inexpensive versions of the famous sculptor’s original designs provide a wonderful quality of soft, romantic lighting wherever you put them.

Modular Units

Back in the sixties and seventies innovative college kids made temporary postcases in dorm rooms by using milk crates to support strips of plywood. Free for the taking, these milk crates also proved to be perfect storage units for holding clothes, posts, and any number of miscellaneous items. The modem version is designed by Rubbermaid and is called a stacking storage cube. These items are as versatile as the old ones, but they are better looking. Made of colorful, high-impact plastic, these stackable cubes are lighter in weight and make great-looking, inexpensive storage units for a child’s room. They are terrific receptacles for easy pick-up of toys, or they can be used as sturdy shelf supports just as they once were. Best of all, they slide easily inside a closet to conceal mittens, hats, shoes, and other kid stuff.

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