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Andre felt contemporary garden lighting was essential. In each of the terracotta pots, LED strip lighting was placed just below the rim and along the wrought iron border that demarcates the beds in the Zen garden, creating the effect of a fluorescent halo. Now we can enjoy the garden well into the night, says Andre. GM

ABOVE: Carefully placed lighting, also in the pots, ensures the garden’s design is equally effective at night.

No room for a garden pond? Don’t worry, says water lily breeder Pieter van der Walt of Aqua Flora, you can create a mini version in a container complete with water lilies

ABOVE: Ideal for a small courtyard or the corner of a patio, this container water garden features Nymphaea ‘Peace Lily’ and N. ‘Colorado’, Carexgrayi and marsh lobelia. All the plants were supplied by Aqua Flora.


A waterproof container at least 30cm deep and 60cm in diameter Bricks or stones Water plants


Select a suitable container about 30-50cm deep with a diameter of at least 60cm without drainage holes. If your pot has holes, seal them with silicone sealant. Rinse out the container to ensure it’s clean.

Place bricks in the bottom of the container for the water plants to stand on.

As water plants come ready planted in containers, leave them in these and position them to your satisfaction. We chose Nymphaea Peace Lily’, N. Colorado’ and Carex grayi, for a bit of height, and purple-flowering marsh lobelia.

Add an oxygenating plant such as Vallisneria spiralis below the surface to oxygenate the water and keep it clean.

Fill the container with water ensuring that the water lily’s flowers and leaves are just floating on the surface. Adjust the height with more bricks if necessary.

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