Designing your living room with feng shui


It seems like Boars will have a flexible schedule this November, which is a good thing because it will give you time to resolve issues and help others. Consider reconnecting with long-time friends or socializing with past contacts. Overall, make use of the schedule and be productive.

Visit Master Hanz Cua at his 8 Treasures-House of Mystical Charms shop at 1/F Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City or get in touch with him at 0922 8290 382.

âœThose framed photographs are actually snippets from my travels. One is from the US, as I stayed in San Diego for six months. Another was taken during a night out in Hong Kong, and the other was from a concert I attended.”

âœI’ve had this cup ever since I was a kid. When I was still in the US, my parents would tell me that this is where I should eat my oatmeal or drink my coffee.

I’ve never thought of throwing it away even though it has a small chip now. The patterned plate, on the other hand, is a purchase from Boqueria Lifestyle Market.

I just fell in love with it, but I didn’t really have a use for it, so I ended up just putting anything on top.â

âœThe camera is part of what I do now, since I post on Instagram all the time, and people follow me for the food. I wanted to take good pictures, so I really needed to up my game. When I bought that my first non-point-and-shoot masakit siya sa bulsa.

But the next day, I realized na ang ganda niya talaga and you can see the difference.

Now I bring it everywhere.â

âœI can’t live without my electronic mixer from KitchenAid. Apart from my oven, my KitchenAid is my best friend.â

âœI saved up for this mid-century chair by Space Encounters. When I first saw it years ago, I was like, wow, I really want that chair.

I saved up for a month and was able to buy it.â

âœI collect Tintin items. My best friend left for Singapore seven years ago, and she’s been sending a few postcards every so often.

I still appreciate snail mail, so my friends keep on giving me postcards.â

âœThe question mark lamp was from my boyfriend’s birthday surprise. We came from a friend’s bachelorette, and then we slept over there. But he didn’t sleep; he went home. The following day, my friends were trying to stall me, and when I got home,

I saw a question mark there. Nakakaaliw siya because it lights up. It’s very sentimental.â

âœI buy cookbooks nonstop.

I just get inspiration from them, but I don’t really use the recipes.

I look at them as a guide for the flavor profiles. The pictures, on the other hand, help with the overall aesthetic.â

“As a kid, I spent my afternoons after school with my mom, who used to work at a cookie store in the US,❠says food enthusiast Cy Ynares. “As early as eight years old, I was surrounded with ovens, sugar, and chocolate.â

âœBoth are things that I really use on a daily basis.

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