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As we speak I learn of the shoals of ladies' queuing to visit his Greek Street 12 The Dancing Hours bas-relief jasper vase was modelled by John Flax man, c.1777. The design was adapted from a Greek relief of thefirst or second century BC. 13 Line drawing, 1769, of Wedgwoods classically named factory, Etruria ‘ The Trench and frippery' have jingled together so long in my ideas that I scarcely know how to separate them' 7 A moonlight lustre shell.

DINING 9 PIECE Wedgwood, an amateur conchologist, designed a shell-shaped Queen's Ware table service in 1790. 8 Mirko Bravi's shell dish, winning design for the Josiah Wedgwood Bicentennial Award.

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9 Wedgwood familyportrait outside Etruria Hall, by George Stubbs, 1780. 10 Portraitplate of Wedgwood with John Wesley, Sir Joseph Banks, Benjamin Franklin et al. A limited edition of twenty for 1995. 11 His first pattern book thrown over them, we could have introduced them freely into the company without fear of hurting any person's delicacy. While Mr Wedgwood calls his Portland vase the pinnacle of his achievement', he truly loves this jasperware, on to which he moulds, in white bas-relief, his friezes and cameos.


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