You will probably instinctively know the look ora) feel you want for your room and will choose the pile according to the touch ond feel thot you like best. There ore two distinct types of corpet construction, woven ond tufted. WOVEN The pile ond backing materials are closely interwoven to produce a high density carpet. DINING CURTAIN IDEAS All woven carpets ore produced by the Axminster or Wilton method ond ore often referred to by these names. TUFTED The pile is stichted into a pre-woven baking as if by a sewing machine. Examples of tufted carpets include loop pile, twist, velvet and saxony. Loop Pile This yarn forms a loop with both ends anchored into the carpet backing. It gives a smooth, even and heardwearing pile such as seen on Berber carpets. Velvet Velvet or velour carpets have a very short pile which has been cut and then sheared to give a particularly luxurious, smooth finish. Twist pile comprises loops that have been cut, tightly twisted and heat set – a texture which minimises tracking, shading and fluffing. A luxurious longer cut pile with a soft, textured appearance.



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