Recipe for Dinner

Sweet and Sour Pressing


120 ml/4 oz/1/2 cup pineapple juice

5 mill tsp soy sauce

2.5 mil A tsp tomato puree (paste) Freshly ground black pepper

Mix together all the ingredients and chill before serving. Use as a dressing for salads such as Chinese Bean Sprout Salad ( 223).


DINING IDEAS LONDON_3.jpgDINING IDEAS LONDON_4.jpgOnce again, I will break this sample menu down so we can understand how many grams of sugar one will consume when following this advice. Going back to the comparison of sugar in glazed donuts, this day of healthy food equates to thirteen donuts! After realizing that these types of recommendations are the primary sources of information for pregnant women, I decided to research titles written by widely popular medical organizations to see if their advice aligned with these faulty guidelines. To no surprise, they, too recommend high-sugar, high-carbohydrate, gluten-filled diets which are disguised as healthy foods. One widely relied-upon organization in particular even stated that pregnant women should stay away from fat such as avocado, despite the fact that avocado is a pregnancy super-food as the growing fetus thrives on healthy fats for brain development (I will get into that in later chapters)! I decided to write The Whole Pregnancy because the current nutrition recommendations for pregnant women are still based on old frameworks such as the food pyramid from the 1970s. After seeing the advice that is offered in several literary sources and in doctors’ offices, it’s no wonder that millions of pregnant women are suffering from diet-related conditions despite the fact that they are, most likely, following the advice given to them by their doctors and nutritionists. I applied my own research to create my own case study during my pregnancy and I will share in the following chapters the gluten-free nutrition regimen that resulted in a twenty-five-pound weight gain and nine-pound, twelve-ounce healthy baby boy. Despite the fact that I was a woman of advanced maternal age which implies that I would be more susceptible to conditions like gestational diabetes, hypertension, and preeclampsia, my blood sugar levels and blood pressure remained in perfect ranges.

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