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TOP left: The three-color plus yellow scheme creates the perfect foil for a living room or family room based No other color carries the symbolism of power and glory that red does. Long associated with royalty and celebrations, red connotes energy, excitement, passion, and warmth. Use large doses of red in active, vibrant rooms such as a nighttime dining room or a kitchen for family gatherings. Or cozy up a study or library with a dark, rich shade.

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Reds range from the cooler purple (burgundy) side of the spectrum to clear, pure brights to warmer brick and lively orange-tinged shades. If too much red overpowers, lighten with white or grayed neutrals for airiness without color competition. As an alternative, consider key decorative accents such as pillows, throws, or lamp shades.

Above: Use the strength of red to establish your design. Here the exterior red door, painted in shiny enamel, DINING ROOM EXTENSION IDEAS hints at the reds to come. Note how the red-white-and-blue-plaid foyer chair sets the stage for the red-and-white dining room visible through the cased opening.

RIGHT: Known as the color that increases appetite, red is a natural for the dining room. For spark and spunk, choose a semigloss red or apply an extra top layer of shiny glaze. COLOROPTIONS From bricks and oranges to cranberries and deep royal purplish hues, reds enliven.


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