To Katie and her family, long siestas and late evenings are a way of life. Brought up in England, she has lived in Spain for 14 years, all of which have been in this rural, underpopulated area. She married Tom Gullick, also English, after running the catering side of his partridge shoots for five years. He now runs specialised bird-watching tours around the world. They have two children, Georgina and Tommy. Georgina is the first foreign child to be taught at the local school. Katie organises shopping expeditions and trips to the market and local bodegas for her guests. DINING ROOM IDEAS FOR APARTMENTS We walked down to see the San-tuario de Nuestra Senora de la Virgen de la Antigua, an ancient church reeking of warm candle wax, which houses a doll-like but life-sized Virgin. Once a year she is richly dressed and paraded into the nearby town of Villanueva de los Infantes along a two-mile route past India Alta. At the foot of the Gullicks’ drive is a resting place where the whole procession stops and catches its breath before continuing into Infantes. This is a medieval town, established by Pedro the Cruel in the 13 th century as a refuge for his children and courtiers when plague had broken out in his castle. The main square is bound by the church (almost a cathedral in size), the town hall and a colonnade. Here, the local bar does ‘good business and men covered in clipboards of lottery tickets hover at each table. At the market you can buy truly fresh vegetables, meat and fish from blue-smocked stall-holders.



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