I’m a bit of a purist about it. I think it is so important to go back to the classics,’ she admits, because they take you on the greatest imaginative journey to the most unexpected places and really test you to your limits.’ Describing her earliest memory of wanting to act, Stevenson recalls how she read aloud a difficult love poem by W H Auden at the age of nine, it was a real quantum leap moment,’ she admits, knowing I could communicate an experience even if I didn’t fully understand it.’ This life-long passion for acting is founded in Stevenson’s deep love of the theatre, it has a unique capacity to show’ ourselves to ourselves and to change an individual’s perception of the world,’ she believes, and what matters above all is the product, what you’ve produced on stage. Nothing else compares to that.’ Stevenson’s highly selective, purist approach towards theatre is reflected in her discerning taste for only the very finest things in life, such as Moet & Chandon, who have over 250 years’ experience in the fine art of making what is almost certainly the best champagne in the world. W henever I serve champagne, it’s always Moet,’ Stevenson admits, i wouldn’t serve anything less.’ For Juliet Stevenson, deciding to drink Moet & Chandon champagne is easy, because, like the parts she chooses, Moet is self-evidently a classic. It’s just a question of discernment and style.



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