Dining Room Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Dining Room Kitchen Decorating Ideas

A complete set of bed linens in the highest thread count you can find. Your bed will be set for pure, luxurious lounging. Now this is talking my language. I’m a bed person. It’s the place I like most to be, and the prettier and softer the bedding the happier I am. If this is your cup of tea, treat yourself to an embroidered set of sheets, shams, and duvet. One hundred percent Egyptian cotton bedding is wonderfully soft and crisp looking. You’ll find it in the softest pastel colors as well as pure white.

Don’t stop there. Why not buy a top-of-the-line mattress set? You’ll have absolutely no excuse for a bad night’s sleep.

Silk- or damask-covered, oversize pillows for accents anywhere are costly. But this is one item you can actually have for a fraction of its cost in a store. Splurge on the fabric of your choice and a down-filled pillow form. Stitch it up yourself in less than an hour and you’ll have exactly what you want for the cost of the materials.

Any authentic early American folk art such as a moveable tin toy, a weathervane, a quilt in perfect condition, or a hand-dyed McAdoo hooked rug for a luxurious touch of art underfoot. As I’ve stated elsewhere, these items are easy to find in reproductions if you simply want the look and can’t justify spending for an original. It’s often hard to tell the real from the copy. Only you will know. When it comes to buying a luxury item, however, having the real thing can be part of the satisfaction.

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