Dining Room Makeover Ideas

Dining Room Makeover Ideas

What do you do when you move into a new home. And you don’t have a functioning dining space. And to top it off you’re consistently entertaining friends. And you have a place to your child to play well, we’re here in beautiful Long Island to help the Chan family do just that, we’re going to find the perfect blend of function. And flexibility this is hi, I am Giovanna working sales here. And I look a company in Huntington my name is that when, I worked in New York City, I worked in tech support. And this is like being a first-time home buyer is excited. And now it’s more. Because we have a place where Nicole can drop the challenge is that it’s a really small place. And we always won family. And friends to come.

It’s a very uninviting space it’s just like. So flat it’s missing something. So we brought in this table from our apartment it was a decent table for that little space but now, I think it’s a little small for our friends. And family, I think that we definitely will get you some more seating in here for all the entertaining that you do Nico clearly plays in the space as well. So we want to make sure that we have a little incorporation of him here too, I think we have a really good idea.

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So let’s take a trip to Ikea. And we’ll see what we like right we had a great time shopping at IKEA Long Island. And got some delicious food at the Swedish food market now it’s back to the chance to start the makeover you, we’re working really fast to wrap things up. Because the Chan family is on their way we can’t wait to show them their new dining room. So when we first saw your dining room you didn’t have too much in there just some seating for you guys not the most functional. So. I’m really excited for you guys to see the space are you ready yes Wow amazing it’s. So beautiful, I love it as you can see we have a table here that extends. So when you have more company over you can make this bigger there’s two extra leaves in there oh we went with this system a volley a shell adds a little personality a little fun to the space a little bit of clothes storage as well.

So you can hide away some things that you don’t need all the time. So we have a high chair for Nico it does have a tray for him to eat but it’s removable. And it’s easily Washington perfect. So you said that you needed space to entertain in. So let’s entertain how’s a person not EPS bond now, I want to spend my time here oh it’s my favorite place this is what, I was like tying you before like the wow factor like once, I walked in this is like wow now we can call it home alright guys from all right guys, we’re off to our next adventure we had a ball this week make sure to make sure to LIKE the post all right guys just finish up this week’s makeover. And now, we’re off to our next adventure if you really liked the post please share with your friends. And don’t forget to visit Home Tour series comm right below here alright have a great week guys see you later.

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