Dining Rooms From Elle Decor

Dining Rooms From Elle Decor

Graphic print fabrics

Sometimes sharply defined, sometimes loose and painterly, but generally fresh and uncluttered, images such as stars, heraldic motifs, circles, triangles and letters of the alphabet are favoured motifs for this sort of fabric. Colours vary from pale and subtle to knockout brilliant. Many are manufactured

in several colourways, with curtains in one colour, say, to be combined with a pelmet in another the pattern being the unifying force.

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Picture-print fabrics

These have picture images scattered across them and the best are wonderfully fresh and attractive. Because of their content, such as circus performers, boats, animals, cups and saucers, fruit and vegetables, classical motifs or playing cards, some are better used in one type of room than another. Some designed for children’s rooms are particularly delightful. H

Ethnic fabrics

These can add variety and interest to almost any style of interior, not only those with an ethnic feel. Indian crewelwork, woollen chain stitch worked on a creamy cotton background, usually depicts birds and leaves in light shades of blues, greens and pinks. Kilim print is strongly coloured printed cotton with bold and distinctive geometric patterns drawn from kilims, woven cotton and wool rugs made in central Asia. Hand-blocked Indian cotton can be fragile, so it needs to be handled with care.

Rich fabrics

These gorgeous fabrics are useful for creating a grand or sumptuous interior and an aura of luxury. Pure silk is the most lustrous of fabrics but varies greatly in type, quality and price. It is available in a dazzling choice of colours, some shot through with another colour, some overprinted with

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