Dining Rooms Sets For Sale

Dining Rooms Sets For Sale

Art Brings Pleasure

Whatever you hang on your walls, wherever you hang it, what matters most isn’t the subject, the color, or whether it matches the sofa. The important thing is that it be a pleasure for you to look at it.

153 Decorating with Photographs

I always enjoy seeing family photographs displayed in pretty frames and this is a relatively inexpensive accessory. A grouping of differ-ent-size frames on an occasional table or on a mantelpiece over the fireplace always personalizes a home. My daughters take lots of pictures of their children and display them in interesting ways. Using these framed photographs as decorating accessories expresses where they are in their lives at this time.

Creating a Theme

My daughter Robby always gives photographs as gifts and offers some terrific ideas for creating an interesting collection. One of her favorite projects is to put together a collage of photos taken on a family vacation. She buys a frame that holds six photos. In this way she has a complete story in one frame that represents that particular family event. This might be any special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas get-together. The idea of displaying several photos in one frame is a nice twist on a familiar theme.

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