Dining Set Ideas For Small Spaces

A shade doesn't have to be intense or dark to be dramatic. Here, the effect is eye-catching as the walls, trim, built-in bunk beds, and even the ladder are all painted in a shade of cool, minty green. Green is the ideal color for this one-stop treatmentcalmer than energetic red and warmer than cool blue. COLOROPTIONSm From interiors to accessories, green is the color of the moment.

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Dark or light, bright or subtle, use it for walls that reflect the natural calm of nature. Or try jolts of bright green for simple curtains or easy-to-switch accessories. Even with the popularity of bright-and-bold lime and yellow tints, green remains a traditional cool-down hue.

DINING SET IDEAS FOR SMALL SPACES A neighbor to blue on the cool side of the color wheel, green says outdoors. No artificial palette recreates the variety of nature. Walk outside and look at the trees, grass, ornamental shrubs, flowers, and weeds for the breadth of shades of this calming color.

You'll find it all from the darkest blue-greens of evergreens to the palest apple greens. Here's a tip from nature: Greens have a way of blending and working together. Don't worry about precisely matching shades in fabrics, paint, and rugs.

As long as you vary the patterns and scale, greens will coexist happily together. Deep, saturated colors soak in the light, making a large room instantly cozier or a room with a cool exposure instantly richer. Jewel tonesruby reds, deep emerald greens, sapphire blues, amethyst purplescreate drama for living and dining rooms.

Lit by chandeliers, soft lamp light, and the glow of candles, these colors sparkle and shimmer in contrast to the night outside. In today's decorating, the deep hues are used, too, in smaller rooms, such as cozy bedrooms or sitting rooms. Or, use jewel accents for neutral interiors or as warmth-creating seasonal changes.

Pick out pillows and a throw in one or more of your favored hues. Add glass accessories or lampshades for chic, deep-toned touches.

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