Dining Tables

Expandable table

A practical choice for any house or apartment, an expandable table can almost instantly be adjusted in case unexpected guests drop by.

Wall-mounted folding table

If you don’t need it, just fold it. You don’t have to worry about storage as it is fixed on the wall.

Stackable low tables and chairs

There are many trendy stackable tables and chairs in furniture shops, designed in a way that you can display them as if they’re art pieces (think Frank Gehry and his nesting tables and chairs). We believe these are worthy purchases.

Pool dining table

For something cool and hip, this should do the trick. Impress guests by serving them your culinary masterpiece and afterwards inviting them to a round or two of billiards. Let the good times roll.

Taking cue from the pool and dining table combination, the following furniture pieces also serve a dual purpose:

Island countertop with drawers

Before the guests come in, you can use the countertop as a cooking prep station. Once the party starts, it can either give additional dining space or work as a buffet station. Drawers will always be a welcome addition for the storage space they provide.

Trunks and chests

They are big boxes that can contain as many and as diverse a mix of items you need to keep safe. Moreove, they can also serve as coffee tables. The more rustic the look, the better.

Bar cart with drawers

What’s great about bar carts is their mobility. If you’re not using them to bring food around the house, you can park them in any corner where they can function as a side table.

Dining Tables Photo Gallery

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