Dining Vouchers Singapore

A collection of gourds wittily mirrors the bowl of ceramic fruit at the top of the stove's chimney Throughout the apartment there is a gentle mix of old and new pieces, with an emphasis on comfort rather than any striving for effect As with so many Parisian apartments in the fine old buildings of the city centre, on entering the Comar apartment one is struck at once by the good bones of the architecture. First there is the layout: room after room in splendid enfilade, their handsome tall windows lined up as fax as the eye can see, each dressed with Agnes Comar's smart, signature curtains of natural linen stitched in broad over-lapping folds. The impression is of a grand space. In reality, ' says Agnes, the rooms are not enormous, nor very high by Parisian standards; it is the perfect proportions of the panelling that give the place its elegance and create so wonderful an illusion of spaciousness.


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