How To Display Kids Art Segment

When your kids bring home there are sometimes there’s just. So much of it what you do with that DIY experts call the drain your duty is this morning one of our favorite people to give up some ideas good to see you thank you good to see would you make a plan I am it makes me realize I have got to keep my kids aren’t around right you’ve kept your plate at six years old I’m telling you what easy somebody over the house and it’s still in good condition it’s pretty good pretty good though is much more impressive let’s go through this right now well kids have a lot of art I have two daughters and there is like art at school birthday parties at home and parents are overwhelmed and they kind of notice when I’m putting it in the recycling bin.

How To Display Kids Art Segment Photo Gallery

So here’s a few simple DIYs of how to display the art make it look cute okay. So first one just went to a vintage store got some frames for like a buck took out the glass in the back here I just attached a string to the back and some paper clips and I thought not paper clips peg clothes that was what I’m looking for and the kids can just change out the art as they like if I think to get them involved with the pieces they want to display because we cannot display it all love it yeah and the second one here very similar idea. So I did this over my daughter’s bed was I just put pretend this is a wall an empty frame over her bed and just said you choose what you want to display for art and then use this washi tape here and stick on the art that you love and you’ve got your own little masterpiece that’s cool as well now this next one I think this is neat because you’re basically taking photographs of your children’s are what I love love love this is this is my favorite yes.

So what we did is like just laid down their artwork took pictures of it shrunk it down on the computer then printed them out literally just on regular paper and then put them yeah right there just on regular paper and put them in a frame. So you could make these any size I think this would be super fun if you want to do it like every school year. So say it was like great one you could have all their like their special great one work or it’s like a special occasion or whatever and it would look great on a gallery wall what a great idea add it to your home decor okay and then we’re using a clothes hanger here we are we are ya. So again pretend this is a wall i miss my daughter’s name isabella who did most the arc here and i spray painted this one I had this hangar at home I spray painted it gold you don’t have to do that I just like gold and then the kids can clip in whatever art they have I think doing this is a grouping too. So if you have like four or eight hangers and then they can just change a third.

So it gets them deciding what they want to display is parent kids like that too right they feel important and that’s like good self esteem clipboards clipboards oh sorry is it on its Isabel and Presley. So again this is your your wall got some clipboards you know do something kind of cute put their names on it and they can attach their art for the clipboard again I think this would be super cute in a grouping. So I’ve just got one of each but think of it Lynn like four or eight on a wall it would look really fun I’m really great idea you were just fall asleep okay and then last but not least live in nature a bit of a nature. So my daughter day went for a walk in Whistler last week yeah we found this stick and my husband’s like oh gosh what’s going on he said this is this is a DIY in the making. So we took the stick put some string on it out of some little balls to the some little balls to the bottom and I just glued on but you don’t have to you could use clothes pegs for the artwork I think this would be really cute with photographs too and I thought over a couch like this is very in InDesign and trend or over a bed or I just love this one I think it’s great fun you’ve got.

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