DIY Bedroom Decor

DIY Bedroom Decor

Hey guys, we’re here are three fun ways to customize your bedroom if you’re looking to bring some pattern into your room try stretching fabric by the yard over canvas stretchers it’s a quick. And easy project and. Because IKEA has.

So many unique options of fabric to choose from it’s easy to find one that works perfectly for your space tip number two here we personalize this cushion with homemade tassels take a box lid. And wrap your yarn around it times once that’s done tie the top off with a string then pull the lid out. And snip the ends at the halfway point once that’s done lay it over a thread. And tie it off like.

So then give it a little haircut to make sure it all looks great it’s easy to create a chic look on a dime number three using some extra paint we created this cool Union Jack pattern. Because it’s solid wood the tarp addressor can be customized in many ways thanks for reading for more fun tips. And tricks make sure to visit home tour series calm.

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