When I say bucket use their bags just a bucket, when I say bucket and you didn’t say bucket so nice a bucket you said back bucket bag bucket bag you’re ruining it I only said come he wants to be your own cheerleader hey guys where the story goes it my name is Abby and the store comes I got sick I know my producer and, if you guys have never been to our blog before hello and welcome and we’re so happy to have you and you know maybe thinking about subscribing while you watch this post cuz you know it’s great. So you know that like bucket bag trend guys we literally were shopping the other week and every single store we went into had bucket bags like every store you guys might be into it seems like everyone else is into it.

So we got a DIY it we did it. So we know I’m a fabric and leather store in Toronto oh we can get like leather samples those a little bit cheaper. But, if you’re not from a big city that has a place like that don’t worry you can just use any fabric that’s, if if thinker canvas there so yeah and it’ll be great. But, if you’re are contrato will link that place below.

Because I know, when I’m reading travel rs and like I know you live near me yeah where it is. So I can go to yeah so yeah we would let you guys know. But anyways on to the surreal to make this bucket bag you’re gonna need a leather sample or any other thick canvas bus material we got this piece we’re using for $26 so based on how much fabric you have we’re going to make a template for a Bay consisting of one rectangle piece and one circle. So we had a new monarch fabric for a 24 inch by 12 inch rectangle.


So we cut that out our paper to make a template this is including an extra inch all the way around for each seam allowance for our circle size we took our circumference of 22 inches and did this math to get the radius which ended up being around 3 and 3/4 inches to draw our circle we found a middle point on our paper and then measured out the radius in all directions a compass is also a really good option for this step. But we just didn’t have one inside this was the best option for us to get the most accurate circle once our rectangle and circle are cut out we are going to trace these shapes on to our leather or fabric and then cut them now we’re going to pin our two pieces together by putting pins close to the edge. So that any pinholes will be in the seam line and rotate the circles slowly creating a cylinder shape while you pin the two pieces together, when you made it all the way around your circle it will look like this now we’re going to pin our two rectangle pieces together at the top we’ll be sewing these up later. But for right now it’s easier to leave it unpinned and here we go sewing it up slowly going around in the circle make sure you have a leather needle while you do this, if you’re using leather or a thick fabric this part wasn’t actually as hard as it looks, when you get to the end where the two rectangle pieces meet try to sew them to the circle as close as possible to have no or little gap, when it’s done it’s going to look like this and now I have to sew the two edges of our rectangle pieces together make sure that everything is still in line and straight and pin where you want your seam to go, if you have excess fabric you can draw a line and cut the excess off.

But it’s all sewn up it will look like this, and we can turn it into now for this strap since we were using scrap leather we had to do some assembling to make the straps long enough we cut out two pieces of the leather that were 30 inches long by an inch wide and for that were 6 inches by 1 inch wide we then overlap them by an inch and there’s two stitches where they overlap to hold them together again skip this step, if you have enough fabric or leather to do one long strap which we would have wanted to do we could we’re also doubling up everything that we do that’s why there’s a lot. Because we’re gonna be making two straps cinch them together next we made the ends come to a triangle point and we’re going to make a whole slow. Because fit this screw stud is just for style cuz it looks really nice we just want to use the screws side and not actually the knob it came with. So we’re just using it inside out finding the center point at the tips we used our leather punch to make a hole the right size for the screw stud and repeat this on all ends we then took our bag and measured an inch down where we wanted the handles to go which are on opposite sides of the bag of course and make the same hole with a leather punch next we were going to assemble in so putting the two back sides of our straps together we’re going to line it up with a hole in the bag you can put your screws set in at this point and hold it in place.

But you’ll probably want to take it out before you start sewing now we’re going to pin up one side of the strap that’s probably all you’re gonna need wherever the stitch is gonna go. So that any pinholes are underneath the seam line you can skip this step, if you don’t mind the raw inside of your leather or fabric we just did this for strength and. So that the inside of our strap wasn’t the inside of the leather once it’s all pinned you’re going to take it to your sewing machine and sew one line from where the screw hole is on one side of your bag all the way to where the other side is and then repeat it again on the other side of your strap next we’re going to make lips that allow our bag can be pulled shut starting on one side and they’ll measure out slit Marc Accetta roughly two and a half inches apart thick straddle where the handles are measuring the distance between your two ends ‘let’s divide this by 5 to get the length of your remaining split spaces these will probably end up being around 1.5 to 2 inches long then using an exacto knives cuts the slits as wide as the Rope you’ll be using to close your bag loser up through start with one piece on one side and work your way around into creating a c-shape looping in and out of the split for the second rope make sure to start at the opposite side of the bed and repeat the same process we’re basically creating two opposite facing C shapes with our rope, when is the finish you should be able to tighten and loosen your bike easily to end our leather ropes we just tied the two strings together.

But definitely feel free to add a task law or any other decorative element we also made another mini bucket bag in the nude shade and these bags are super customizable and to be made in any size so hope you guys like that DIY it is a little bit more difficult it’s like on the more intermediate level. But I think it turned out amazing and, if you do know how to work a sewing machine just make sure you get that leather needle and have a go at it just try it why not okay some of them are it’s like just literally so expensive and, if you can make yourself like so good so good and like challenger self we didn’t we were like moonless spaces words like try it try an example for it and then it doesn’t it working and we’ve been doing a ton of really easy ones lately. So I think we deserve we visitor the third one challenge ourselves do some math slash struggle and, if you guys do end up making your own bucket bag so make sure you send them to us on our Instagram or Twitter or whatever you want. Because we love, when you guys make idealize yes excited for you guys to try this I’m so excited and speaking of Instagram and Twitter makes you guys are following both of us and artists or girls Twitter.

Because we’re gonna be doing a Q&A post and, if you guys don’t know we have a blog blog where we’ve actually involving a lot recently a good and we’re gonna put up a Q&A over there cuz that’s where our Q&A is go so make sure you’re following this story life which is our bought camera obviously SWAT camera which is our blog to get up and obviously everything is in the description below so, if you follow us on those places we’re also gonna have an Instagram post right now, when you’re reading this that you can ask your questions that will put up that Q&A very shortly I make sure, if you’re on Twitter I use the hashtag 1/6 esds stts you. And I can find your ass, and we can answer that for you will suppress snapchat that’s fun dummy the thing follow us on that you know, if you don’t get enough of us here you don’t get enough another blog or instagrams you can always follow us on snapchat I mean everything has its perks that this one. Because it’s instant and not forever so thank you so much for joining us today guys and, if you guys liked it like it and, if you love it make sure to sum it all right listen up to my.

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