Hi guys Abby and it’s becky number two sorry grounds and today’s DIY project is to DIY your very own business card now we I know a lot of you probably like I don’t need business cards.

But the watercolor technique we’re doing today we applied to lots of different things and we’ll show you some examples of those in the outro so cute and before you get into the post just a friendly reminder to please comment, if you are not and, if you are a thank you subscription is free and you get awesome DIY projects ah once hopefully twice a week yeah alright onto the post our custom business cards were created on a watercolor base so to do this you’ll need to start with some watercolor paper ours was 140 pound watercolor paper from the craft store next using some basic watercolors start to add color to the paper the more water you add the easier it will be to blend the colors we chose the stick to colors that had the same tone per page so it didn’t become too tie-dye looking we made 12 different sheets in all with different color patterns once the sheets were dry we flip them over and added some color to the back we use mostly just the dirty water with a little bit of new paint to fit the paper instead of fully coloring it try to stick to light colors for this as well once the back and front are completely dry it’s time to print we created a file add our information printed multiple times across the back and we’ve linked a blank version of this template below.


If you want to create your own cards like this as well to actually print we ran into some trouble due to the fact that my printer is quite old and couldn’t handle the thickness of the paper so in the spirit of honesty we did run down to our local print shop and have our cards printed on our custom watercolor paper a newer printer that can handle thick cardstock should have no problem with this at all though having a laser printer might help with this as well once all over sheets were printed it’s time to cut them out. Because printers can’t print exactly edge to edge your page will have a slight border around it standard business cards are three and a half inches wide by two inches tall cut your cards out to these dimensions it’s helpful to use the center line of the cards and just measure halfway out in each direction now that our cards are mostly finished it’s time to finish the front using our silhouette machine we cut out our logo multiple times from this copper vinyl sheet we bought off Amazon we step one sticker to the front center of each card our cards are looking great. But it’s time to add the we’re going to add a copper edge to the cards be using some copper spray paint to make sure we really get the paint on the edges and not on the front or the back of the cards you’ll need two blocks of wood or a very sturdy card slightly larger than the size of your cards and a c-clamp try to line up your cards as evenly as possible and sandwich them between the blocks of wood clip the c-clamp around this tight we use gentle strokes of spray paint to go around the edges of the cards make sure not to apply the paint too heavily or cut late in between the cards let the paint dry and go ahead and take the clamp off your cards now have a beautiful copper edge all right. So we’re so excited to have these and like look up a fresh hand mo and be able to say that we made them.

Because our old business car through will be like oh did you make things, and we had to be like okay. So we actually made these ones which is pretty cool pretty cool, and we want to share you with you guys some other examples of watercolor DIY so this guy is a little card they made. Because the gray looks like the moon I was thinking. So we wrote love you to the moon and back with a silver metallic pen which is really cute and this is a DIY agate slice all you do is just take different colors of like the same shades and just do circles with it and it looks like an amazing slice piece of agate stone gorgeous alright on the wall you can even just like you know got any of that watercolor is so easy yeah can’t mess invitations like invitations invite Asian invitations okay um those too like there’s so many things you guys can do so take this watercolor and the kind of techniques you showed you today and just run with it and you guys always ask to see like DIY fails and I’ll tell you this yeah I was a lot harder to make then it probably looked in this post there is an entire post of like the more than one day we spent trying to figure out this post so, if you want to go check out the process of that will be linked in the end yeah we have a post blog, if you guys didn’t know where you can see all the behind scenes stuff alright thanks for reading I’ll see you guys next time, if you like it like it and, if you love it love it.

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