Hi guys if you don’t already know that why don’t you know that why don’t you know that so for this week’s DIY we had something a little different than we’ve done before. But it turned out really well yeah I’d say so sorry my face was just like scary-looking cuz it was a little scary sint imitating looks bit that way. So we made these concrete planters it’s the first time we ever worked with concrete. But it’s really easy and turned out great yeah I like it I’m gonna do more things with concrete so here’s how you make our concrete winter for this here DIY I need some recycled materials, and we went through our neighbors garbage guys.


So we use a sand concrete it’s one of the finest concrete’s you can buy, and we just put it in this container for ease of use and your mixture ratio is going to be one part water or parts concrete so for example we use two cups of concrete and half a cup of water for this portion, and we just mixed it using a container we didn’t care about once again recycled material and a stick we didn’t care about and mix it around until you get a peanut butter consistency now we’re going to fill it into our container. So we’re using this juice jug as our planter bottom and then you’re going to take an object to place in it we use this Tim’s cup and it’s going to kind of want to float. So we put something heavy in there and just keep an eye on it make sure that’s not floating to the top for another container we’re using a haagen-dazs ice cream container and this metal and cardboard juice container and side note don’t use metal use a cardboard instead. Because that metal piece is now stuck in the bottom of our Center which is totally cool.

But it might not work for some other objects that you’re trying to DIY and once again weights to keep it in place you can wipe off any extra concrete that might be losing out. So you want to let that set for about 24 hours and once it’s dry go ahead and rip off the cardboard and again take off the cardboard from the inside and it shows up something like this it’s still a little dark. Because it’s going to continue to dry once it’s go to the cardboard all right now I’m going to paint it, and we decide to do this painting on an angle and just make sure that the tape is on the same angle on both sides we did the same thing for our small planter and the bottom portion is the part that we’re going to be painting our next step is to take some craft paper or extra scrap paper you have and just cover any portions that you do not want to get covered in paint. So we use some chalkboard paint.

Because we want to have a matte finish not necessarily. Because we want to use it as a chalkboard, and we just did an even coat on both items and that was done so once you take off your tape and paper it should look like this so now to actually use it as a planter you going to want to get a plant of some sort we chose this cactus came from Ikea it’s really cheap so start by using some soil it’s a special cactus soil and fill up your planter and then take your little cactus and place them inside and then use extra soil to fill around the edges it might get a bit messy. But you can just clean off the cement and you’re done and, when it’s done it should look something like this so these are awesome. Because they can be great for guests they can be great for your house and they’re kind of masculine away depending on what colors they pick them so it’s a gift for your man yeah concrete’s real rustic and that is in right now I found that yes like concrete and like metals rustic metals things that you used to not want in your house now you’re like oh that thing is so ugly and old and gross okay like this we found this in the garbage it’s you know a useless old window frame before you be like don’t worry now in my house it has bedbugs and now we’re like art so thanks so much guys for reading this post and hope you liked it we kind of want to do some other things with concrete so let us know, if you want to see more ways you can use concrete now that you have this entire bag of concrete that you need to use up yeah let us know in the description some ideas you’d like to some do in the description I always say that you do always say that so let us know in the comments, if there’s any ideas you have that we can do with the concrete that you guys want to see us do or just like the post in general.

So we know you want to see more it looks like this alright we will see you guys next week or the meantime head over to our post blog check out more of us. Because you post there sometimes what you do we actually go there a lot yeah alright see you next week bye you.

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