So this material is for a custom chalkboard jar yeah custom legal chopped red jar yes exactly yeah like you know those on those red plastic cups they come with like the chalkboard or scratch yeah I think a scratch card side you can write your name on it and well this is like much cooler, if do-it-yourself version of that so what you do is a pretty neat chalkboard paint a brush masking tape and use a small mason jar for this one instead of a large one. Because we’re using it as a cup.


But I mean, if you dress ball right at four yeah cuz that’s the thing used it as a cup you can also use it as like spices label as a food label like macaroni yeah or like hair ties nothing in it label it. So we use a small one and then I do is take your masking tape and outline a rectangle on the back sides of the flat side of beer or whatever shape you want really doesn’t have to be a rectangle hard yeah. But just doodle in like epoxide nothing nothing rounded edge like sometimes ooze oh yeah Santa’s mason jars come with like a grieved yeah a really cute like rest don’t do you don’t know that side yeah. But I definitely the masking tape to have like a perfect edge and then you just paint it on we did like two or three coats of our that.

Because you want it to be thick so it those talk shows up right yeah a couple coats of chocolate paint yeah and then you take off the masking tape once it’s dry and then you’re all done it is kind of hard to watch you just have to be careful yeah careful, when washing it. Because it’s not too sturdy I’m gonna put it in sure sure and all that paint might chip a little bit. But yeah talk to you is not always have your chocolate pants you needed to check exactly and then after that you just great on it with chocolate son’s name yeah or an ingredient basil alright it’s not almost super easy hope you elected yeah try it out oh my god love it nice endure I guess that we did is awesome you.

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