Hi everyone I gonna try to make a dog bed for little Danny a little ding say by the people for now we also want to thank tell us for sponsoring this post. Because without them we wouldn’t have been inspired to do this DIY challenge so the challenge today is to do something with tech and without text so our take on that is gonna be to use no power tools for your DIY now I’m gonna get to use all the power tools plus mobile phones the internet anything electronic I get to use you’re doing things the old-fashioned way cool no big deal, and we both know that we need to make a dog bed that’s kind of like the only parameters we’re giving ourselves should we see how we’re gonna do this alright good so first things first it’s time to get inspired I’m hopping on my smartphone to gather some inspo pics. And I’m doing it the old-fashioned way by heading to the good old library. So I got some inspiration and from my dog bed idea I’m gonna make like kind of like a tent thing.


And I wanted to use materials that we kind of had on the office we have these dowels I picked up this piece of pine and unfortunately I’m gonna have to cut it with a handsaw which is not my favorite tool all right so for Danny I’m gonna be making a wooden dog bed and also don’t be using some pieces that we have around the office which is great. And I think this is gonna be pretty easy to assemble with the help of some power tools all right next first step is measuring so basically I’m gonna be making a box with some sides. And I’m gonna add some little feetsies on it very mid-century modern inspired it’s gonna be very cute so the first step is going to be to actually build the box of the dog bed. So I have these pieces of pine here that are from a leftover DIY project so I’m gonna start in the longest piece I have which is this one and it’s about thirty five and a half inches long so this is how long I want my dog bed to be so to build the face I’m gonna start by cutting these pieces that walls you only know one way with these guys okay.

So I have my three dowels now and now I just need to cut this into four pieces I think I’m gonna do roughly two feet each this sucks okay. So I cut two smaller pieces that I’m going to use to join these two large pieces I just cut together. And I’m going to do that by using a power drill okay that actually was just too horrible. Because pine is really such so tips okay so one of the final steps I want to do is add little feet to this.

But since I’m already working on the bottom the easiest thing to do is to add the little plates for it right now, if you want a more in detailed tutorial on how to use these things watch our IKEA upcycle post we explain them very well there so I’m going to go and add four on each corner of the base right now now the next step basically I want these to cross like this and then I want the dowel to go like this kind of make like the top of the tent and normally I would just drill a hole decides the dowel stick it through it was like pulled its entire self together. But since I can’t drill a hole with a drill I’m going to I think like use some wood glue and then maybe just like nail it in from the side and hopefully it stays together Papo will you fit in this somehow I need to keep going through this dowel stress dying I mean it’s kind of working though okay now I just need to do this again okay so the face is done and that literally took me I think less than 10 minutes to put all the little feets on which was so easy I can’t imagine having to hand screw that so now the base is pretty much completely done I need to add on some pieces so using these scrap pieces of what I’m just going to cut a couple pieces to fit around the edge and then I will screw them on. So I mean it looks good. But I may or may not have exposed a nail so um I think I’m just gonna cover that with masking tape and maybe nobody’ll notice next step take our other two dowels and put them on these bottom rows here I’m gonna do the same really fun nail technique so basically I put some nails in from these sides to hold my dowel pieces together I mean it’s looking pretty cute I’m just gonna sand away any kind of like markings that I made and any wood glue okay so now have all my side pieces cut out so I’m gonna flip the base over and then use some screws to screw them all the way around, if you want to do something like this at home I would just suggest drilling a hole the size of your dowel and then you can just like poke it right through and it looks really cute too and a lot easier so my next step is I think I’m gonna take some of this like curtain mesh material that you might have seen in a recent DIY she’s gonna use it as a nice little cover.

So I think I’ll just cut a piece size okay so this is my mesh cut the size and go something like this my plan was the hot glue gun it is that allowed no hot guys three sides are on and screwed in and starting to look good so I’m gonna stain it lastly. But I can put the feet on right now that I’ll help me stain it. So that it’s up and off the table since I have my fancy little cover done I think my last little step is that I want to add a nametag. So I found this this of wood that we have it’s just like too big so I’m gonna cut it which is so annoying.

But that’s fine so normally I would maybe use our electronic cutter to cut out some words for this and paint it on use it as a stencil and then my next thought was to use a printer and print out some fonts to use this is stencil and just cut it out by hand. But I guess I can’t use a printer either. So I guess I’ll just write it by hand so the stain is on and dry and it’s looking really good I didn’t bother to stay in the top part. Because it doesn’t matter we’re gonna cover it with like a blanket or a pillow or something nice for my puppy so now to make a nametag for his dog bed I’m gonna use some gold sticky paper and cut out a really fancy name using an electronic cutter and my computer this is what my little Stein tag looks like pretty cute.

But was like way more effort than it needed to be and now that our little name tag is made I’m just going to use two tiny nails and stick it right on the front okay so my dog bed is done. And I think my dog now has a better bet than I do and surprisingly this is actually really easy to make okay. So we both made very different things um some of it was a little bit harder than others how did you find making yours I mean I just know like now that I know what I could use and like technology and power tools and advancements like that just made everything so much worse we don’t even think about it. Because we’re so used to having these things in our lives which is amazing yeah it’s true the technology we take for granted has made things like sharing a photo with your friends so much easier it’s crazy to think that, when Telus launched their future is friendly campaign in the year 2000 that technology was still scary and intimidating to so many people and now it’s such a huge part of our everyday lives and it’s constantly changing the way that we live work and even DIY that’s why Telus has evolved to be so much more than a telco tell us, if a company committed to improving the lives of Canadians through technology and we’re so glad they did or else we have to send a lot of snail mail okay thank you guys so much for reading this post and thanks again to Telus for sponsoring this post and for making the future friendly for all Canadians humans and puppies, if you like this post and you want to see more of Danny let us know in the comments below I’m gonna give it a like that too and, if you love it make sure you give it a sub give it do it pause give it a pop giving it up okay benefi thanks for reading guys bye .

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